Wall Deco Japan いらっしゃいませ!

中にはあの米国のライフウェアショップ、セレブ利用店として有名なAnthropologie と同じ商品も。
Wall Deco Japan です。
We are a webshop of Art in Life, Wall Deco Japan
that carry affordable artworks to decorate your walls and other vertical
space, including pictures, drawings, crafty art panel boards, sign boards, small
shelves, etc.

This is one of the certified webshops of TOC, Co., Ltd.
Please be notified that the item(s) could be out of stock despite your
order as this shop checks the inventory after you make an order for the item(s).

If you order for more than 5000 yen (excluding tax) in total, we ship for free of the
shipping charge.

shop information

A Notice about Operation Closing Period on weekends and national holidays
We are sorry for customer inconveniences but please be notified that all our order processing and delivery procedures stop during national holidays and on weekends. Orders received during those days are to be started the processing on the following Monday.
Our condolences to those who are having a difficult time due to various
reasons in many parts on earth! Please let us remain your favorite shop to
drop by on the web throughout this year as well. We are having an early
summer sale so that may of you may be able to find something special for your fresh beginnig of the new fiscal or school year. Days are getting
so long, but lanterns and lights can be still useful outside after dusk.
Perhaps a picture of summer-like colors and light of lamps may suit the
season for spending time indoors during the hot daytime or reading in
the evening. We have art frames for adults as well as for children. Please
take a look, and find your special one.

4/27 ---カフェ風のおしゃれでカジュアルなチョークアートをお探しなら For graphic chalk art depicting encouraging phrasesこちらへ

5/15 ---抽象画をお探しなら For abstract paintingsこちらへ

4/13 ---春から初夏に向けて明るい陽光いっぱいのシルクスクリーン版画をお探しなら For bright and colorful silk screen prints with spring to early summer motifsこちらへ

3/17 ---新生活に明るいデザインの壁飾りにもなる、陶器製トリベット/鍋敷き はいかが? What about a new brightly colored ceramic trivet that can also decorate your wall? こちらへ

2/9 ---X-Ray 写真を駆使した透明感のある春からの軽やかな花や葉のアートフレーム For framed artworks produced using X-ray technology depicting light and semi-transparent plants of spring and laterはこちらへ

4/5 ---気軽に狭い空間にも飾れるファッションモチーフの小品アートフレーム For casual art frames for space and with fashional motifsはこちらへ。

1/19 ---ノスタルジックなモノクロ写真のようなグラフィックアート For monochrome synthethic photographic artはこちらへ。

1/21 ---タッセル類 For tasselsはこちらへ。

4/25 ---子供と一緒に楽しめるアート For arty items suitable for your kids' room ならこちらへ。

5/19 ---洗面所向き額絵小品 For small framed pictures suitable for your washing room ならこちらへ。

11/21 ---壁付け照明 For wall lights をお探しならこちらへ。

12/1 ---サインプレートなど戸外の壁を飾る商品 For shelves をお探しならこちらへ。

3/16 ---タペストリー類 For tabestries をお探しならこちらへ。

12/2 ---壁掛け時計 For clocks をお探しならこちらへ。

3/16---シェルフ・小棚など For shelves をお探しならこちらへ。

12/2 ---フック、キーホルダーなど For hooks and key holders をお探しならこちらへ。

2/13---キッチンペーパーホルダーなど実用品 For kitchen or toilet holdersをお探しならこちらへ。

4/12---日本のアート For Japanese artをお探しならこちらへ。

4/12--- 懐かしい感じのするノスタルジックで素朴なアートフレーム For Nostaligic type of primitive artをお探しならこちらへ。

4/27 --- オーナメントアート For wall decor ornamentsをお探しならこちらへ。

3/3 --- 壁掛け用フラワーベース・花挿し For flower vases をお探しならこちらへ。

4/25 --- フォトフレーム For photo frames をお探しならこちらへ。

1/21 --- クラシックからモダンまで Mirrors of various tastes をお探しならこちらへ。

12/7 --- 印刷ポスターアートフレームに施されているゲル加工 To know about the gel finish given to printed postersについてはこちら。

5/19 ---植物の絵 Floral picturesをお探しならこちらへ。

4/5---動物の絵 Animal picturesをお探しならこちらへ。

4/5---鳥の絵 Bird picturesをお探しならこちらへ。

2/1 ---ウッドクラフトボード For wood craft board artworksをお探しならこちらへ。

4/27 ---キャンバスクラフトアート For canvas craft artworksをお探しならこちらへ。

1/24 ---フランス作家による額入りポスター French Ad postersをお探しならこちらへ。

12/2 ---生産終了に付き在庫限り半額の男性アーティストのよる抽象画
Abstract paintings

12/9 ---モデル変更に付き在庫限り半額のガラス透かし絵アートクールな和風 Glass shadow box artworksをお探しならこちらへ。

3/9 ---木彫ボードアートなら For engraved wooden board art

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Wall Deco Japan


This shops introduces you to affordable art items you can especially put into use in decoration of your walls, indoors
and outdoors, entrance and other room doors, particitons, or any vertical space.

This is one of the certified webshops of TOC, Co., Ltd.

Please be notified that the item(s) could be out of stock despite your order as this shop checks the inventory after you make an order for the item(s).

If you order for more than 5000 yen (excluding tax) in total, we ship for free of the shipping charge.

ショップ店長: Ms. H






Having grown up with a grandfather who traveleved worldwide in 1950's in a house functioning as an art gallery and a
salon for to-be artists in many genres, the shop manager, Ms. H, has familiarized herself with many forms of arts both domestic and foreign from an early age. She has also done an extensive travelling from a young age, having studied
abroad from high school to grad school. As the shop manager for another webshop that carries arty paper items, Ms. H also has connections with artists active today around the world both in real life and on-line through her efforts in learning and seeing arts through various media.

Ms. H can recommend specific art items, propose how to decorate your interior or exterior with such, consult with the
clients who wishes to get advice to meet and match with their specific needs or demands, and finally deliver the best chosen items in your hands so that you can start having a pleasure of art to your eyes in your own space of living, working and others.

If you are interested in arty things you can use in daily life, please also visit:




Twitter: @WallDecoJapan